Shooting Lessons
Shooting Lessons

Andrew Harvison offers expert gun fitting and coaching in all disciplines of shotgun shooting. He will teach beginners, and experienced shots alike, looking to improve their skills. Problems in gun fitting and technique will be identified quickly and addressed in order to improve your shooting style and approach.

Andrew’s qualifications include:

  • One of the founding members of The Association of Professional Shooting Instructors (APSI)
  • Associate of the Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors(ACIS)
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting Association Coach (CPSA)
  • Winner of many national and international tournaments in sporting, trap, and skeet, including recently in 2013 the World Super Verteran Sporting Champion in San Antonio, Texas

Types Of Lesson

Introductory shotgun lesson – The aim is to equip the candidate with the knowledge, understanding, skills and awareness required to undertake basic shotgun shooting. It is an ideal lesson for the beginner or novice to develop shooting technique, which aims to provide, simply, an excellent foundation of knowledge. Technique will be dealt with in and out of the classroom followed by the shooting range for the practical aspects of shooting methods. The lessons are progressive and made up of modules to suit the client’s experience, skills and availability although a minimum two hours is generally considered a reasonable time per lesson. Level 1) has been set for clients requiring basic safety and shotgun skills knowledge while: Level 2) takes regard of clients who have obtained their PAL license (Canada only) or have basic safety skills. You may bring your own shotgun which will be checked for fit and suitability.

Advanced shotgun lesson – The aim is to provide the more experienced shot with thorough knowledge beginning with learning the best techniques for long term success. The lesson will establish correct gun fit and provide individual analysis of gun grip, mount and stance. Moreover, it will be used to improve overall performance and look to master the most challenging targets in the field. Adapted to your individual needs, it will look at all techniques specific to taking your shooting to the highest level. The lessons are entirely geared to progression and level of skill required.

Ladies course and young shots lesson – The aim is to equip the candidates with the knowledge, understanding, technique and awareness to develop basic to advanced levels of shotgun skills. Particular attention will be spent on gun fitting distinctively required by women and young people under 16, to achieve the highest levels of performance. The lesson is designed for beginners (Level 1) and more experienced shots (Level 2) starting in a classroom environment before progressing onto the shooting range where methods will be perfected, errors will be rectified and excellent coaching received. It is recommended the lessons should be of two, three or four hour’s duration and the number of lessons will depend on progression and the level of skill required to achieve personal objectives.

Gun fitting -A two hour lesson is allocated to establish correct gun fit and analyse contributory issues affecting fit. The aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding of gun fit and shooting technique while recommending appropriate alterations to improve performance where necessary. The client should be prepared to spend time in the classroom and on the shooting range. Temporary stock changes may be made during the lesson, leading to permanent stock alterations, possibly requiring further lessons on technique.

Game shooting and instruction in the field – The aim of the course is to equip the candidate with the knowledge, understanding and skills to take part in a driven game shoot in the UK. The course will provide guidance to deal with travelling to the UK with shotguns, the laws and regulations relevant to shooting in the UK and specific information covering etiquette, clothing and where to shoot. Demonstration of safe and confident use of shotguns in the field will be covered both in the classroom and on the range. Two hours duration is recommended which can be extended if required.

Safety lesson – The aim is to equip the candidate with the knowledge, understanding and awareness to safe shotgun shooting. This is specially aimed at the beginner or novice Level 1. Shotguns will be available to demonstrate safe and confident use in most environments including the shooting range. Two hours will provide the basic introduction to safe gun handling, while four hours covers the subject in greater technical detail.

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