Gun Fitting   Gun Fitting

Andrew can provide highly personalised guidance to correct gun fit, one of the most significant factors in shooting. He will make a shotgun shoot where you are looking, as instinctively as you would point your finger at a distant object. Eye dominance and shooting from the correct shoulder are basic principles vital to shooting a moving target with a swinging gun, combined with the correct grip measurements and hand placement.

These are important issues to prevent sloppy gun mounting and will make the comb fit correctly in the cheek ensuring the point of impact is correct.

Guide to Measurements

A gun fits when the muzzle is seen on top of the action after the butt of the stock has been placed in the centre of the shoulder and the comb fits snugly in the cheek.

An appropriate stance and relaxed posture are essential prerequisites to measure accurate stock dimenstions after the shotgun has been placed correctly in the shoulder and face. At this point the use of a pattern plate combined with a skilful assessment of shooting technique is necessary to study the shot placement and make the appropriate alterations to fit.

The stock should not be altered if technique requires practice and improvement. Only once the shotgun is mounting, swinging and pointing to an acceptable standard should any chnages be made.


The Importance Of Grip
Gun Fitting

Grip dimenstions are very important.

Correct gun handling is entirely dependant on the size and shape of the grip in relation to the dimensions and length of fingers when combined with the size of hand. This is rarely understood or considered adequetly when fitting a gun.

Gun Fitting
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Andrew can arrange for new stocks to be made for all brands of English and Continental shotguns.

Holloway & Naughton Gun Fitting Measurement

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