Andrew Harvison

 Andrew Harvison, who is solely responsible for the resurrection of the Holloway & Naughton name, is something of an enigma - even in the rarified world of guns and gun making.

 As a world class competitor, coach and gun fitter, with many prestigious trophies and National awards to endorse it, he has the unique ability to be closer to his clients' aspirations than almost anyone else in the business. More than any others you're likely to meet in the places where shooters inevitably voice opinions, his are backed by hands on experience and skills that are directly applied to his gun making philosophy.

 Andrew's extensive shooting and coaching history has seen him on regular and lengthy visits to North America, and contributing numerous magazine articles on both sides of the Atlantic. It's this unique history that has played such a major role in the renaissance of one of England's most respected gun makers.

 He is now challenging the English gun making establishment by adding his undisputed experience and skill to the heritage of Holloway& Naughton - a formidable formula that's even being talked about in the normally hushed gun galleries of London, England.

 In many ways, the serious stage of Andrew's shooting career began with the ownership of his first ground in 1967, followed by a seventeen year period developing two of the UK's foremost commercial shooting centres, which hosted many Regional and National Championships in all major disciplines. Employment in the gun trade provided an even deeper insight into the 'hands on craft' of producing English shotguns. He had already become an acclaimed gun fitter and stock designer, but where to then in his relentless pursuit of perfection?

 Already well known in shooting circles, he had represented his country for nearly twenty years at Sporting, and Skeet and Trap. He has also captained the England skeet and sporting teams and collected many shooting honours along the way, including the British Open Sporting Championship, the English Skeet title and the World Sporting Super Veteran Champion in 2013.

 What follows is fast becoming one of shooting's most talked about gun making stories.

 Andrew identified the opportunity of resurrecting UK gun making and the name of one of England's most respected gun makers when he released his first prototype gun under the Holloway & Naughton banner in the mid 1990's.

The unbelievably high quality Britania over and under won the Highly Commended Best New Gun Award of 2006 from the shooting sports industry.

Along with side by sides, double rifles and the continually developing over and under sporting range, you can understand why the gun world are taking Andrew Harvison and Holloway & Naughton very seriously indeed.

 As a competitor, gun fitter and coach, he was, and still is, a name to be reckoned with. As an independent gun maker, he's doing it all over again.