Inspired by year’s of competition, game shooting, gun fitting and coaching, Andrew Harvison has created the innovative Screw In Thin Wall range of Holloway & Naughton ® chokes. These world class chokes are available in either flush fitting or extended options.

Made from 17/4 high tensile stainless steel, suitable for steel shot, the chokes are made to precise measurements aligned to the exact bore size (0.732”) produced by the barrel maker, to give perfect patterns and very few deformed pellets.

Holloway & Naughton ® shotguns are supplied with a set of eight chokes, to be decided by the client.

Below is a list of the sizes available:-

12 Bore Size 0.732"    
Chokes Sizes Dimensions  Constriction (Inches)
Cylinder 0 0.732
Skeet 1/8 0.727
Improved Cylinder 1/4 0.722
Light Modified 3/8 0.717
Modified 1/2 0.712
Light Improved Modified 5/8 0.707
Three Quarters 3/4 0.702
Light Full 7/8 0.697
Full 8/8 0.692
Extra Full 9/8 0.687